Patients Edit

Classification A Edit

Classification B (0/10) Edit

Classification C (3/10) Edit

  1. Lilianne Aldverie Rivers.
  2. Reisse.
  3. Lyon Rupert Rivers.

Classification D (1/10) Edit

  1. Henley Smith.

Classification E (9/10) Edit

  1. Kurona.
  2. Skadi Lithium Neon.
  3. Riel Clareant.
  4. Xia Wang.
  5. Heevan Fletcher.
  6. Allena Viviana Wolfensteins.
  7. Domenico Alighieri Wolfensteins.
  8. Seo Soo-yeon.
  9. Yong Hye-yeon.

Unclassified (SPECIAL CASES) Edit

  1. Viscetta.

Workers Edit

Doctors Edit

  1. Theophanus Emyr.

Nurses Edit

Archivist (1/1) Edit

  1. Liegn.

Receptionist (1/1) Edit

  1. Liegn.

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